The Monger and Barista

Formerly stationed at DeLaurenti Food and Wine in Pike Place Market now at Cherry Valley Dairy Duvall, Wa. 


From a small farming town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I migrated to the great Pacific North West. Upon my arrival in Seattle I landed a job as a Fromager and Charcuterie enthusiast or cheesemonger. Suddenly my life was changed, as it always has been but this was a realm all unto its own: Cheese. Käse. Fromage. Queso. Formaggio. Ost. Currently at Cherry Valley Dairy where I handle all their sales, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done in a days work. Some mornings I am making butter or cheese then others breaking down our wheels of cheese to be carefully wrapped for our customers, while other days I am driving all around the greater Seattle area delivering our precious dairy delights. Daily I am astonished by the simplicity yet complexity that is...cheese. Whatever it sounds like to you, to me it is a world that beckons the every sense; thus here are my musings on the many cheeses and other cuisines I become acquainted with. 

I am all about the questions, so feel free to Contact Me.